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Accommodation Options

Accommodation options at Smallwood Manor include self-catering, bed and breakfast, full board, and camping.


Self-catering groups arrange their own meals, and cleaning-up after their stay. A duvet and pillow will be provided, however guest’s will be required to bring with them a bottom sheet, pillow case and either duvet cover or sleeping bag.

Bed & Breakfast

Includes breakfast and a fully-made bed (bottom sheet, duvet, and pillow with pillowcase). All groups arrange their cleaning after their stay.

Full Board

Full board groups have their meals and cleaning arranged for them, as well as being supplied with a fully-made bed (bottom sheet, duvet, and pillow with pillowcase).

If you would prefer a more tailored stay, then please contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

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Accommodation - Coach Entrance and Old Forge

Changing Room

Bedroom with Bunk Beds

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